Princess of the Row

The inspiring tale of a runaway foster child who will stop at nothing to live with the only family she knows: her father… a homeless mentally troubled veteran who lives on the streets of LA’s skid row. Starring Edi Gathegi, Tayler Buck, Ana Ortiz, Jacob Vargas, Tabitha Brown, Jenny Gago, and Martin Sheen. Directed by Van Maximilian Carlson. Executive Produced by Morgan Freeman, Lori McCreary, Shawn Austin, and Van Maximilian Carlson.

Fugitive Dreams

In this allegorical road movie touching on themes of homelessness, mental health, and addiction, two lost souls embark across a dreamscape America. Their darkly strange journey confronts them with their traumatic pasts, and bonds them in compassion and love. Directed by Jason Neulander. Starring April Matthis, Robbie Tan, Scott Shepherd, O-Lan Jones, and David Patrick Kelly. 

Land of Dry Bones

Starring Darrell Lake, Reid Cox, Ariel Trent, Tim Lane, April Grace, Leslie Stevens, Ryan Caltagirone, Samir M Gumaneh, Gretchen Klein, Kamy Bruder, Troy Castaneda, Rafael Miguel. Written and Directed by Darrell Lake.

A Dark Place

Alex is a twenty-something struggling to put his life back together after mistakes and a reckless past render his job search hopeless. While pressure from his pregnant girlfriend mounts, he runs into an old friend who gives him an opportunity to turn it all around. Just when things are looking up, Alex discovers a secret that sends him into a self-destructive downward spiral, bringing his two best friends down with him. Starring: Luke Baines, Jazlyn Yoder, and Christopher Donnellon. Written, directed and produced by: Christopher Piñero

Don’t Say No

The story of a college co-ed who struggles to navigate the unwarranted advances of a classmate. Directed by SJ Main Muñoz. Produced by SJ Main Muñoz, Derek Classen & Eve Symington / Tica Productions. Starring Bianca Santos, Joshua Brady, Alyssa Sabo, Lourdes Reynolds, Damien Diaz, Alma Martinez, David Starzyk, and Mason Gooding.